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Introduction to Financial Markets

Acquire the fundamentals to unlock the vast potential of financial markets.

  • Products you can trade on financial markets;
  • Understanding unfamiliar terms commonly used across trading platforms;
  • The most common trading mistakes.
Cryptocurrency Fundamentals

Begin your exploration into the world of digital finance and the basics of cryptocurrencies.

  • Introduction to the crypto market;
  • The most popular cryptocurrencies.
Crypto Trading and Investing

Reveal the fundamental principles of managing crypto assets.

  • Main guidelines for successful crypto trading;
  • Exploring the primary rules of crypto investment;
  • Gaining insights into safe practices for storing crypto.
Technical Analysis Essentials

Utilize professional tools essential for effectively analyzing price movements.

  • Fundamental analysis and the tools it uses;
  • Technical analysis and how it identifies trading opportunities;
  • Using time-tested chart indicators.
Advanced Technical Analysis

Elevate your trading success with a collection of proven and reliable tools.

  • Trading with Japanese candlestick patterns;
  • Exploring Fibonacci trading tools;
  • Applying proven chart patterns.
Expert Technical Analysis

Develop mastery in a wide range of techniques that will enable you to trade for sustained, long-term profits.

  • Trading with Elliott wave theory;
  • Uncovering reliable trading strategies;
  • Utilizing harmonic price patterns.

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Currency Strength Meter

Trend Analysis



Perfect for those who are new to the industry and looking to learn the essentials.

  • Introduction to Financial Markets Course
  • Introduction to Financial Markets Ebook
  • Cryptocurrency Fundamentals Course
  • Cryptocurrency Fundamentals Ebook
  • Economic Calendar
  • Cryptocurrency Calendar
  • Glossary



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Ideal for those with some industry experience looking to deepen their knowledge.

  • Beginner Package Content
  • Crypto Trading and Investing Course
  • Crypto Trading and Investing eBook
  • Technical Analysis Essentials Course
  • Technical Analysis Essentials eBook
  • Currency Strength Meter



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Designed for those with a solid foundation in trading who want to enhance their knowledge.

  • Intermediate Package Content
  • Advanced Technical Analysis Course
  • Advanced Technical Analysis eBook
  • MetaTrader Tutorials
  • Trading Signals
  • Trend Analysis
  • Knowledge checks



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Ultimate upgrade for those seeking advanced knowledge and in the process of building strategies.

  • Trader Package Content
  • Expert Technical Analysis Course
  • Market Research Videos
  • Technical Analysis Articles
  • Financial News
  • Market Highlights TV



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